Dec 19, 2019

Christmas Online Safety Song for Parents



Buying gifts
Take care when shopping online for your Christmas presents. Only use secure websites to avoid falling for scams. Before proceeding with an order, spend an extra two minutes to research the security of the product.

Help your children to set up their accounts on their new devices and ensure their settings are set to private. Take the time before Christmas Day to read the manual and get to grips with security and privacy options. We advise that you set up a ‘two-factor authentication’ process when logging in to an online service. Some toys and devices are fitted with web cameras – you can turn the remote viewing option off in the device’s settings. In addition to this, remove any default location tracking and GPS settings on new devices.

Some toys and devices have been found to have unencrypted Wi-Fi connections or unsecured Bluetooth connections. If this is the case, add a secure password or a PIN. Ensuring that passwords are secure is fundamental when protecting your children. When creating a password, remember to:

set up unique passwords for new accounts
avoid using easy-to-guess phrases such as ‘freddie1’
change passwords and usernames on new devices from default
check your router has a strong password and latest security updates
Setting up parental controls
We advise that you set up parental controls for young and vulnerable children to help prevent them from viewing content or engaging in activities that they shouldn’t be. Additionally, take interest in your child’s online activities. Play with them on their devices and encourage open conversation to help build that trust and confidence that will mean your child can confide in you if they ever feel uncomfortable, troubled, worried or unsafe.

Check age restrictions
Games and apps have age restrictions. It’s important that you make yourself aware of these age restrictions and WHY they have these restrictions and make the decision whether it is appropriate for your child.

Be a role model
It’s often the case that children copy the actions of their parents, guardians and even siblings, therefore it’s important to set good examples and be a positive role model that they can look up to.

Set boundaries
If you feel like your child is either spending too much time on their devices or maybe taking part in inappropriate activities, it’s not a bad thing to be strict and set boundaries.
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