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Spode Easter Holidays

Below are a few suggestions of online things that are happening at the moment, there is no pressure to do any of them, you’re all doing a fab job as it is but they might be a little bit of extra fun!

If you are on Facebook, I would hugely recommend searching for special needs groups such as parent support groups and others. Parents/carers/teachers/friends are sharing lots of ideas as well as offering support to each other!

Also on Facebook there are a couple of live broadcast happening which you may be interested in;

Soundabout are doing music sessions pretty regularly, these tend to be at 2pm. I’ve heard good things and if you’re lucky you can even get a ‘shout out!’

Bag books are doing regular sensory stories which include lots of props and exciting tales, these tend to be happening around 11am.

I’m sure there are plenty more out there – if you find something please share it via my email epalmer@blackfriars.shaw-education.org.uk as I can pass on to other parents!


In addition, to those who haven’t already looked at or used helpkidzlearn free resources, they are still available and well worth having a go on!


Take care of yourselves and Happy Easter :-)

Outlined below are some ideas for things that you might like to do with your child at home:   

  • On youtube search for: ‘The Learning station’ There are some great action songs for you and your child to join in with!
  • Encourage your child to communicate with you as much as possible. Make sure you’re using their symbols and/or books  (if appropriate) when playing games and enjoying activities!
  • Sensory mark making activities are a great experience to work on fine motor skills. You can use cooked rice, sand, shaving foam, cornflour and encourage me to explore, feel, touch and make purposeful marks!
  • Turn taking games are great to work on ‘my turn’ and ‘your turn’. It could be as simple as a game of catch or a board game (like snakes and ladders!)  
  • If possible to do so, nothing beats going outside. Our current topic is exploring spring time. Finding new growth in the garden is a fantastic experience. Why not pick a daffodil? Talk about the colours you can see and paint your own daffodil pictures. 
  • There are plenty of activity ideas online. If you can search pinterest for early years activities for lots of lovely easter craft ideas!
  • Please note: twinkl are currently providing free memberships and I urge you to take advantage of this. There are lots of resources available just google ‘twinkl’ and follow the instructions available! online!

If you would like any help, support and guidance or any other activity ideas I will be available via emails: