In Science, we follow the national curriculum for Key Stage 3 and a variety of Key Stage 4 specifications to include Entry Level and GCSE.

Year 7 science lessons can change a lot as children start working in labs like proper little scientists. Here’s an insight into what they’ll learn In KS3 science.

Key Stage 3: The syllabus includes chemistry, physics and biology and is designed to build on the topics the children studied at primary school. Children will be working with familiar subjects, but the curriculum will be adapted to the needs of the children. They will be working in a laboratory, carrying out experiments and recording and analysing their results. This will help the children to develop particular areas of scientific learning:

·         Practical and enquiry skills

·         Understanding of evidence

·         Communication

Science is taught in small groups, and wherever possible it is hands on. Whatever disability your child has, he or she will be aided to access the experimental side of science.