In RE students are encouraged to reflect on the world around them and think big questions about meaning and purpose of life. They increase their knowledge and understanding of the beliefs and values of the major world faiths. Through RE students can develop respect and sensitivity towards others, particularly those whose beliefs are different from their own.   Students nurture their capacity to make informed choices in their own lives and develop a positive sense of belonging. We seek to build on shared experiences and values whilst also celebrating difference.

RE focuses on three main areas: exploring, engaging and reflecting. Students will learn to ask questions and are encouraged to be curious and inquisitive about life. They become better informed about religious and non-religious responses to ethical and moral issues. Students interpret the ways in which beliefs are expressed and they develop confidence to express their own views whilst respecting the faith of others.

At Blackfriars RE is taught by a variety of teaching styles and methods. Students not only develop their literacy skills, but explore RE through drama; role-play; artefacts; visiting speakers; art work; IT etc as well as visits within the local community.

In Key Stage 3 students follow a three year rolling programme in accordance with the New Staffordshire Agreed Syllabus:

Key stage 3 Year A Year B Year C
Autumn 1
Identify, diversify and belonging


All about me 

Friends and Family

Autumn 2
Expressing meaning

Let's Celebrate

Celebrating light

Who is Jesus?

Spring 1
Beliefs teaching and sources 

Tell me a story

A special book

Why should I?

Spring 2
Values and commitments
Leaders and followers Special events in religious traditions: Easter Signs and Symbols
Summer 1
Practices and ways of life

Religion in the home

Faith through Art

Worshipping together

Summer 2
Meaning purpose and truth
In the beginning Our World The journey of life

In Key Stage 4 RE is a compulsory subject. Students focus on Christian and non-religious responses to ethical and moral issues.