Mathematics is an important ‘core’ subject and seeks to equip students with the practical knowledge, skills and understanding of the five mathematical strands:

  • Number
  • Geometry
  • Shape
  • Measure
  • Data Handling

Through these strands students learn basic numeracy skills that are both functional and practical.

Having a functional grasp of Maths is key to understanding and functioning effectively in the world around us and has wide cross-curricular appeal for other subjects like Food Technology, Science and Humanities. Maths develops essential skills for life; like paying bills, travelling independently, understanding time and money.

Students in Key Stage three will follow a rolling 3 year programme to develop and embed skills and knowledge, where possible ensuring exciting and practical adaptations that link to real world examples.

Students are supported to achieve their goals in maths in a variety of ways, through active interventions from teaching assistants and teachers in class as well as through the use of Conquermaths; our bespoke online intervention programme that can be accessed from home and specific class interventions such as Numicon.

Where possible and appropriate we ensure accreditation of these skills at Key Stage 4. Students either follow a more functional route that accredits either functional skills or Entry level mathematics work, or where appropriate students work towards an appropriate GCSE level qualification; A standalone GCSE in maths, a specific Level 1 or 2 unit or more recently students have had access to the GCSE in Statistics.