English is at the heart of our curriculum and the development of language and communication is crucial for our pupils to become successful learners.


As well as following a bespoke multisensory and communication curriculum, where appropriate pupils also follow the national curriculum. To ensure the learning is relevant to our pupil’s needs English is taught through first hand experiences that give the student’s access to activities and educational visits that bring literacy to life. Fiction and non-fiction units are planned around high quality literature and link to cross curricular learning. Storytelling, drama and the use of ICT are crucial to developing a student’s voice as a writer. Support is provided through regular intervention.


In Key Stage 3 students follow the National Curriculum English programmes of study:

 KS3 Autumn  Spring Summer 


Shakespeare Project / Play

Novel: Short Stories
Year 1 Myths and Legends
Traditional Tales
Media and Non-fiction texts
(Newspaper Project)

Media and Non-fiction texts

Poetry: analysis and creative writing
Short Stories
Year 2 (Advertsing Project)   Media and Non-fiction

Transition Skills:
Reading and Writing

  Media and Non-fiction
Year 3 Novel Shakespeare
Short stories
Poetry: analysis and creative writing

In Key Stage 4 English pupils work on consolidating their skills and follow programmes of study leading to a range of qualifications: GCSE, Step Up To English, Entry Level, Functional Skills as well as qualifications from the English Speaking Board are offered., Visits from authors, poets, a range of visiting speakers, cinema and theatre visits also underpin these qualifications.